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January 24, 2023

It is important for businesses to develop positive customer relationships. The tone for your future relationship with potential clients is set by how you introduce your company and whether or not you make a good first impression. This action has an impact on business sales and installing eye-catching business signs will help you achieve this goal.

Choosing the ideal custom business sign for your brand can be challenging with so many options available. You can choose the sign that is most appropriate for you with help from 99signs. If you have striking outdoor signs, customers will come into your store. On the other hand, your indoor signs will improve customer satisfaction and encourage repeat business.

Continue reading as we compile design tips on how custom signs will help improve your business.

Choose the Right Sign:

When it comes to bringing in business and having an impact, the type of sign you select is very important. There are many options available, including pylon signs, neon, and LED channel letters, illuminated and non-illuminated monument signs, non-illuminated logos, and non-illuminated letter sets. Hence, it's vital to select the appropriate sign type that will fit your business.

Include Your Company Logo and Color Scheme:

Make sure your company's colors and logo are used on the sign when having it designed for your business. Customers should be able to clearly see your branding on a sign when they look at it. Take note of the colors you will be using, when in doubt you may refer to color psychology as your guide.

Select the Correct Size and Shape:

The business sign's style, size, and shape are very important. Its size must be appropriate for the environment in which it’ll be installed. For instance, a pylon sign placed on a highway would need to be sufficiently large to catch the attention of motorists passing by. On the other hand, a smaller monument sign might work if you need a sign for the entrance to your office.

Keep It Simple but Visible:

Less is more when it comes to the design process for business signs. Great designs frequently emphasize legibility and instant delivery of important information to viewers. The messaging on a well-designed business sign should be straightforward, understandable, and easy to comprehend. Additionally, concentrating on your sign's overall visibility and the message it's trying to convey is an important tip for effective sign design. A business sign should have a background color that makes it easy for people to read from a distance and up close.

Keep Up with the Latest Trends:

Many sign makers use cutting-edge technology to produce distinctive, and captivating designs that communicate information, like temperature or time displays. Digital signage can add an engaging element to your sign that enables you to change your message every day or every week. Your business sign can stay current and engaging for both new and returning customers by updating its messaging. Electronic messaging can advertise limited-time offers or distinctive features of your brand.

The Best Sign Company Near Me

99signs takes pride in offering high-quality signage services that go above and beyond for our customers. We recognize the need for your signage to strike the right balance between making a good first impression and displaying a stylish design. Learn more directly from the professionals about our various business sign products. Contact us today!

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