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    The Facts About Channel Letters

    How do customers recognize your business on the busy streets of New Jersey? The most typical and impactful exterior signage is channel letters. Using channel letters is the easiest and most cost-effective way to advertise your brand within your location.

    As storefront signs, channel letter signs are easily noticeable because of their size and appeal. At 99signs, we are experts in creating custom channel letters for storefronts and windows.


    What Is a Channel Letter?

    A channel letter signage is like a billboard for your brand that can make it stand out in the concrete jungle that is New Jersey. It is a 3D exterior representation of your brand made with a combination of aluminum and acrylic, and infused with LED or neon illumination.

    Although these signs are everywhere, including outside store entryways, shopping malls, government buildings, and private corporations, they show brand uniqueness and increase brand awareness. It is the fastest way to get your business noticed by customers.

    3D Exterior Channel Letter- Movie

    Types of Channel Letters

    At 99signs, we custom-make 4 different types of channel letter signage.

    The Standard Front-Lit

    The front-lit channel letter is the most common type of this signage. It has aluminum on the back and sides or returns and uses LED or neon lights to illuminate internally. The face can have a plastic or acrylic surface, while an aluminum or plastic trim holds the two faces together. We use translucent vinyl or acrylic pigment to add color to the signage.


    The halo-lit channel letter is like the front-lit channel letter, but in reverse. It is also known as a reverse channel letter. It has aluminum faces and returns protruding from its mounting. The LED channel letter signs have lighting inside the signage, which casts a glow around each letter, thus creating a halo effect.

    Front and Back-Lit
    Channel Letters

    The front and back-lit channel letter is a fusion of the front and halo-lit channel letters. The face of the letters illuminates, and the sides project that halo effect. We use aluminum on the sides and polycarbonate on the front, while the back remains open to reflect the neon or LED light.


    As the name suggests, this type of channel letter has a clear face or none at all, exposing its lighting. It also uses neon lights exclusively. The open-lit channel letter has aluminum returns and back.

    Maximize Your Visibility: Discover the Diverse Uses of Channel Letter Signs

    Channel letters are significant in marketing your business brand. Despite its proximity, potential clients can miss your business due to the hustle and bustle of New Jersey. These are big and lit well enough to draw customers.

    At 99signs, we make statement pieces to:

    • Promote your business brand without incurring the cost of a billboard. The size and illumination of storefront signs can capture the attention of onlookers from a mile away.
    • Capture your distinct brand identity with custom sign letters, allowing you to stand out from the competition.
    • Display information about your business within your broader location.


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