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    99signs: The Floor Decals Experts in NJ

    Space is at a premium in many businesses. Thus, making sure that your company is using its space in the best way possible might be a challenge. One option is to put the floor to good use. New Jersey businesses can use custom floor decals throughout all the seasons.

    Custom floor decals are an excellent choice for businesses that have hard floors, such as epoxy, hardwood, vinyl, or tile. Ideally, you’ll need a smooth surface for the best adhesion. The team at 99signs can help you choose custom floor graphics that can benefit your business.


    What Are Floor Graphics?

    Floor graphics are an option for New Jersey companies that can’t always put information on the walls. These decals enable you to showcase your company’s logo in the center of a room or to provide a safety zone around moving equipment. Even schools can benefit from floor decals when, for example, they’re used to create a custom obstacle course for children, or to show the direction of traffic flow in the halls.

    Choosing bright colors for all types of floor graphics can help to draw attention to them. This is especially important when the decals are displaying safety information for your company.

    Custom Floor Decal
    Social Distancing Floor Decals

    Uses of Floor Decals in Any Industry

    One of the more common ways to use floor graphics is to help people socially distance from each other during a pandemic, for instance. Social distancing floor decals can be as simple as pairs of feet, but you can also create custom vinyl floor signs that include your company’s logo or other customizations.

    Many businesses can use removable floor graphics when they have special events. These can denote the outline for booths at trade shows, or to show traffic direction during the event. They can also show a host’s logo or other information without having to worry about the floor being damaged.

    Tips for Using Custom Floor Graphics

    How your company handles custom floor graphics depends largely on whether the graphics are permanent or temporary. Typically, temporary graphics are a one-time use item so when you take them off the floor, you simply throw them away.

    If you’re using permanent floor graphics, you can extend their lifespan by using a clear coat over them, but this isn’t always necessary. Most vinyl floor graphics can last a long time without any special care besides normal floor care, even in heavy traffic areas.

    One thing to remember is that you shouldn’t buff over custom floor graphics or use harsh chemicals on them. The team at 99signs can provide you with care instructions for the specific floor decals you use from our company.



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