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    99signs: Your Guide to Environmental Graphics

    Bring your office or workplace to life with 99signs’ environmental graphics. 99signs is an environmentally-conscious design agency based in New Jersey City. We will help you create eye-catching signs in your office to improve the morale of your workforce, optimize productivity, and give your clientele a unique spatial experience.


    What Are Environmental Graphics?

    The term “environmental” may be a bit misleading; environmental graphics don’t necessarily have anything to do with environmentalism or nature.

    When the phrase “environmental graphics” gained traction in the 1970s and 1980s, the term took on the alternate meaning of “your immediate surroundings.” The environment, in this sense, may apply to the indoors as well as the outdoors.

    Environmental signs may apply to signage for office interiors, lobbies, and restrooms. Some graphics include motivational quotes on walls or a timeline of the company’s history.

    The use of environmental signs isn’t limited to walls and lighting, though. Informational signs in your office, including exit and directional signs, need to exude a certain vibrance to put the viewer at ease. For example, exit signs are traditionally lettered in red.

    The Psychology of Color

    Red symbolizes danger. This explains why stop signs and stop lights are designed with red aesthetics: they warn drivers to apply the brakes or their well-being will be placed at risk.

    When a guest sees the exit sign during an emergency, they will instinctively follow the sign to reach a safe location.

    Children’s hospitals are typically designed with vibrant colors to put children at ease and not scare them with the prospect of medicine and surgery.

    Another example of effective environmental graphics is a white wall. White has an awakening effect on employees who may have just gotten out of bed an hour prior. When your employees and clientele see this color, they will likely jolt into a state of alertness.

    In contrast, darker colors may make them drowsy. Thus, white will enhance your employees’ focus and productivity.

    Environmental graphic designers not only catch the overall vibe of your brand, but they also apply the psychology of graphic designs to their work. Color psychology is no exception.

    Connecting People to Place

    The type of environmental graphics may range from office interior design to corporate office branding and outdoor fixture design.

    The goal is to create a unique experience for the guest or client, and help your establishment stand out.

    If a potential customer sees a well-designed banner pointing to your business in an outdoor mall, they will visit your establishment with the right aesthetic in mind.

    If you run a camping store, you may want to design your signage and walls with a rustic aesthetic to capture an “outdoorsy” feel. Different businesses require different aesthetics. 99signs will help you choose the appropriate one, and optimize your customer and clientele experience.



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