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    Transform your business’ interior walls with 99signs’ wall mural designs. We are your designated experts for custom wall murals in New Jersey. Our designs are unique, captivating, and geared to capture your brand while transforming your commercial space. We pride ourselves on creating murals for New Jersey.


    What Is a Wall Mural?

    Murals are customized wallpaper made of digital images from photographs or illustrations. Unlike ordinary wallpaper, though, these 3D wall murals are tailor-made to suit your business brand and office aesthetics. They create the perfect work ambiance for productivity.

    At 99signs, we tailor-make murals to reflect our clients’ brands and improve their office appeal. We understand the significance of having an appealing and practical workspace. Therefore, we prioritize and include everything that represents our clients’ brand in the business wall murals that we create.

    Types of Wall Murals

    The field of wall murals has endless possibilities. At 99signs, we have you covered if you’re looking for office mural ideas. While there is no limit on wall mural styles, they tend to fall under three categories:

    1. Photography Murals

    We provide bespoke clean photo murals on demand. We can take photos for you or use your own photos or digital images. We use a wide-angle lens to capture photographs for long walls. This angle view enables us to capture every detail and produce crisp-clean images to create the perfect office wallpaper.

    Our expertise does not end in photography skills, though. We also create a blown-up 3D wallpaper to fit the designated space. Get in touch with us if you are looking for 3D wallpaper in New Jersey.

    2. Painted Scenery or Image Murals

    There are several techniques for painted murals. Thus, you have many choices to create statement interior wall murals for office walls in your business premise, from encaustic, tempera, fresco, ceramics, and oil on canvas. Image murals are painted directly on the wall.

    They are perfect for exterior and interior walls, adding character to New Jersey’s concrete jungle. The art, color, and images make it the perfect decorative wall mural for creative spaces. They are best suited for office areas that require innovation, artistic expression, and relaxation.

    3. Abstract Murals

    Abstract murals have several eye-catching shapes, color hues, and designs. We make designs to blend with the commercial space so that it does not distract from work. The contours and colors inspire creativity and artistic expression. They are the perfect solution to offset the greyness of New Jersey’s skyscapes with color and design.

    Uses for Wall Murals

    Wallpaper murals have several functions in interior spaces, including the following: 

    • As office wall murals, they improve workspace aesthetics and inspire creativity and productivity.
    • They add character to the business lobby, waiting room, hallway, or public stair case.
    • Interior wall murals are part of the office decorations. They add character, color, and life to a predominantly toned-down room without consuming any space.
    • Painted scenery murals are perfect for exterior walls like parking lots or walls surrounding nature. They can also add character to eateries or other social spaces.



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