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    Magnetic Signs Near You

    Magnetic signs are an exquisite way to advertise your business in New Jersey. The signs are made using high-quality magnetic strips that can be attached to any metallic surface, indoors and outdoors. Thanks to 99signs, you no longer need to look for magnetic signs near you in New Jersey, we’re here to help.


    What is a Magnetic Sign?

    The primary use of magnetic signs in New Jersey is to display and advertise information for a company or business. Magnetic signs are most commonly used as a pocket-friendly way of directly lettering a vehicle.

    Vehicle Car Magnetic Signage

    Advantages of Using Magnetic Signs

    • They are lightweight - Magnetic signs are easy to transport, store, and apply on any metallic surface. This feature also contributes to the material’s versatility and cost-effectiveness.
    • They are affordable - Magnetic signs’ cost is relatively pocket-friendly compared to other marketing strategies like billboards and ads. This is especially advantageous for companies working with a small marketing budget.
    • They are far-reaching - Vehicles with a custom magnetic sign attached can travel several miles in New Jersey in one day. Thus, you can attract the attention of many pedestrians and other onlookers at a simple glance.
    • They are durable - Magnetic signs are designed to withstand the elements using wind and fade-resistant materials.
    • They are customizable - Custom outdoor signs make the best marketing tools because they can be designed to target a specific audience. Companies can add unique graphics, logos, and color schemes to make their custom magnetic signs stand out.



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