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    99signs: Your Essential Acrylic Sign Company in New Jersey

    How your public space look matters. Therefore, you should ensure that you leave a lasting first impression. One way to make your business stand out, get noticed, and leave a professional and welcoming look is to have an acrylic sign.

    Like outdoor signage, indoor signs reinforce your brand and usher customers into your business. Many entrepreneurs invest in indoor signage that provides an elegant professional appearance. In fact, acrylic signs are the most popular type of indoor signage.


    What Are Acrylic Signs?

    Acrylic signs, also called plexiglass signs, are typically indoor signage made of colorless, transparent, and durable polymer material in the form of plastic sheets that resemble glass, but have a glossy finish. They are more popularly than glass because of their flexibility, versatility, lighter weight, and durability.

    Acrylic signs are easily customized in different shapes, colors, sizes, and levels of transparency. You can complement its appearance with other accessories like 3D backlights and lettering.

    At 99signs, we design stylish and durable plexiglass signs in New Jersey.

    Acrylic Business Signs

    Types of Acrylic Signs

    Whether you want to invest in outdoor or indoor signage, acrylic has the versatility to handle different types of graphics. This is why it is the most popular choice for many businesses in New Jersey that want to enhance their advertisement strategies.

    Acrylic signs come in several different types, including:

    Frosted Acrylic Signs

    Acrylic’s glass-like appearance makes it possible to have frosted graphics. Frosted acrylic signs are perfect for businesses that want to offer privacy in an office. The material will reduce the degree of vision from outside and still allow the natural light to pass through.

    For businesses located on a busy street, frosted plexiglass signs will make it difficult for passersby to see into your office. The material can also be printed into your desired design to make frosted wall signs.

    Clear Acrylic Signage

    If you are looking for a perfect alternative to glass in terms of signage, choose clear acrylic signs. Besides giving you a glass-like look, clear acrylic signs are more durable and affordable than real glass signage.

    The high-gloss finish makes these signs popular for companies that want a sophisticated and elegant acrylic office sign.

    Second Surface Print

    Also referred to as a subsurface print, a second surface print has a stylish design printed at the back of the acrylic. The print makes your signage stand out and is more long-lasting since it remains undisturbed.

    Individual Cut Acrylic

    Individual cut acrylic is perfect for acrylic wall signs. These types of custom acrylic signs are laser-cut and formed into characters, texts, or graphics that can also be mounted on walls.

    Uses of Acrylic Signs

    The biggest concern for businesses who want to invest in acrylic indoor signage is the cost. However, the capabilities of acrylic to enhance your brand in different designs make it a worthy investment.

    There are many ways you can use this signage option. For instance, if you are in the food industry, you can use acrylic signs to create menu boards, which improves customers’ ordering experience. Acrylic signs are also common in retail advertising to help customers find your business quickly and attract walk-in patrons.

    You can use them to make your office more visually appealing while conveying important information to your customers. Additionally, the glossy finish and eye-catching nature of acrylic signs make them ideal for trade show exhibits.

    Acrylic signs are also a fantastic option for:

    The Best Acrylic Sign Company in New Jersey

    You no longer have to search for the best acrylic sign company near you. 99signs is the best acrylic sign maker in New Jersey. With numerous customization options, you can be sure of an excellent design that will attract new customers and boost your sales.

    We also offer a high-quality sign printing service at a competitive price. Our technicians are well-trained to make acrylic signage that will turn your dream into reality.

    Contact us today and talk to one of our knowledgeable staff about your signage needs.

    Expert Answers to Common Queries About Acrylic Signs

    What are plexiglass signs?

    These are any sign made of acrylic is considered to be a plexiglass sign. They frequently resemble glass and are transparent. However, they’re more dependable and lighter. They can be used both inside and outside because of their versatility.

    What are acrylic signs made of?

    Acrylic, also known as plexiglass, is a glossy plastic sheet that’s incredibly adaptable. For signs that must have a sophisticated, high-tech appearance, acrylic is a great option. They’re a highly resilient material that’s frequently used for illuminated, architectural, tradeshow, and point-of-purchase signs. They also come in a variety of colors.

    What type of material is used in acrylic signs?

    Plexiglass, a multipurpose plastic, is used to make acrylic. Signs made of acrylic can be colored or completely transparent. Acrylic can be printed directly or covered with cut vinyl.

    Can the acrylic signs be used both indoors and outdoors?

    Yes, these signs can be used both indoors and outdoors. They’re often used as office or reception signage. Acrylic is a more contemporary alternative to rigid boards for signage because of its transparency.

    Do you offer custom sizes and shapes?

    At 99signs, we create acrylic signs in New Jersey that are fashionable and strong. We make sure that our client's ideas are incorporated in every design we create hence we do custom-made signs that come in different shapes and sizes. Contact us today to learn more about this.

    Can I use a logo on my plastic acrylic sign?

    Yes, definitely. Acrylic signs can be personalized on the front or back by printing directly onto their surface with UV ink. Simple letters, numbers, or symbols may be printed alongside a full-color version of a company logo or other image. Contact us today to discuss this with our team of experts.

    How thick should acrylic be for signs?
    Acrylic signs should be 1/4" or 3/16" thick. This is due to the strength of acrylic, which is very rigid and won’t bend. By lifting up the acrylic sheet's edge (with the assistance of a second person) and letting the opposite corner drop to the ground onto a hard surface, you can create a thicker sign. Thinner materials will crack during this process, but 1/4" acrylic will not.
    How do I take care of my acrylic signs?

    The best cleaning solution for acrylic logo signs is lukewarm water and a soft, non-linting, clean cloth. Instead of using a pressure washer, you could use one if the sign is large and out of your reach. When necessary, lukewarm water can be combined with mild soap or detergent. But for business owners, we highly recommend that you let the professionals handle its maintenance. Contact us today to learn more about our maintenance services.

    Are acrylic signs reusable?

    Acrylic signs can be moved and reused, depending on their thickness and installation technique. These signs are frequently mounted in a way that makes reusing them simple and practical. Contact us today to learn more about this.

    Does acrylic warp with heat?

    Yes, they do. If an acrylic sheet is exposed to a range of temperatures, it will warp. They go on to say that the biggest variation is caused by shifting humidity and temperature levels. The high-temperature resistance of these signs is not very high. The acrylic sheet will show a small amount of deformation at a temperature of about 80 degrees. It can be bent into the desired shape if the temperature is 96 degrees. Contact us today for more details.



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