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    Make a Statement with Striking Exterior Signs

    Are you planning to open a new business or already up and running? As the first point of contact for your business, outdoor signs are important in capturing the attention of potential customers. Customers frequently visit businesses for the first time as a result of these signs. There are a lot of outdoor sign types to choose from. These are indeed necessary marketing tools for communicating with your customers. Outdoor signage is a great way to market your business by attracting new customers, promoting products or services, and providing information about your company.


    Outdoor Signage: A Brief Introduction

    Outdoor signage is any sign installed on the exterior of your business or any outdoor location.

    An outdoor sign can be used as a stand-alone sign as a marketing strategy or employed at an event to get your business noticeable. It can also be attached to your business through banners, window graphics, and more.

    These signs are responsible for giving your business a good first impression. They are the best way to display your company's name, logo, and other important information. The best part is that they can be customized to match your brand's identity.

    The most important factors to consider when choosing an outdoor sign are the space at your disposal, your budget, your communication goals, and the audience you want to target.

    Real Estate Post Signs

    A Guide to Different Types of Outdoor Signage and How to Use Them

    Looking for an outdoor business sign to suit your needs can be daunting. Because there are so many options, one way to narrow down your search for the best outdoor sign is to consider a few different factors. Our dedicated team at 99signs has a few suggestions that will help you.

    Banners for Dunkin


    Outdoor business signs reflect your company's brand, which communicates your company's message, promotes your products or services, and brings in potential clients.
    Drive Traffic and Boost Sales with Business Sign


    Banners provide a versatile and economical way to advertise your business. Vinyl banners offer an added advantage compared to fabric and mesh banners because they are a durable yet lightweight material that's waterproof and weatherproof.

    Make a Statement with Stunning Banners
    Banners Printing
    Lighted Channel Letters

    Outdoor Metal

    Metal signs are a popular choice for outdoor signage since they are durable and have a long lifespan. They are often used as directional signs and regulatory signs partially because metal can be lettered on both sides and efficiently cleaned and moved around.

    Capture Attention with Stylish Metal Sign


    Trade shows, conventions, and sporting events use flags as advertising. Teardrop and feather flags are attached to fiberglass and aluminum flagpoles, placed on the ground, or driven into soil or grass.
    Wave Your Brand with Impactful Custom Flags
    Teardrop and feather flag banner
    A-frame Business Sign


    A-frame signs, also known as sandwich boards, are foldable signs made from two slats connected with a hinge. They are ideal for showing road directions and parking, construction and cleaning services, event advertising, and menu displays.


    Do you want to add some intrigue to your building? Backlit signs are an ideal option. This type of signage uses a light source shining through it or behind it making them visible even on the darkest nights. Your placement and colors play a vital role in the overall look.

    Backlit Business Logo Sign

    Determining the Cost of Outdoor Signs

    The cost of outdoor signage will depend on various factors, including the type of sign, size, and design.

    Custom-made outdoor signs cost a bit more due to the time and effort required to create them. A few examples of signs that are often customized are building signs, signs cabinets, and metal signs. However, the benefits of having a custom sign are that its uniqueness makes your brand stand out from competitors and makes a lasting impression on anyone who sees them.

    Why Choose 99 Signs for Outdoor Signage Expertise?

    99signs is a family-owned and operated small business in New Jersey with more than 20 years of operations and project management experience in a variety of industries. As a full-service provider of in-house printed signs and graphics, we make sure that we work with the best in the industry. We have a seasoned team of graphic designers and project managers who use the best equipment on the market today and a team of licensed installers that make sure all signs are installed properly and safely.

    We want you to have as easy a sign selection process as possible while also making your vision stick to the world. With constant communication, professional consultations, and scalability to serve any client anywhere in the world, we provide an enhanced, professional customer experience. Choosing 99signs gives the customer confidence that their needs will be met on time, on spec, and on budget.

    99signs works around a set of core values that provides quality service while being empathetic to business needs. We are open and honest in all aspects of our products and services allowing us to develop strong and trusting relationships with our customers, employees, and stakeholders.

    Our mission is to serve others while treating everyone as if they are customers, both internally and externally. We provide excellent service to one another, our customers, and our community. We have a strong work ethic and an abundance mindset, knowing that we will be successful if we win every day, with every project, and with every sign. Positive energy is used to build great cultures and teams, and that mindset results in a fast turnaround of projects that exceeds expectations.

    Curious About Outdoor Signs? Read Our Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

    How can I choose an outdoor sign for my small business?

    There are several factors you need to consider in choosing a sign. One is how you want your sign to work for you, is it for branding or as décor. Another consideration is whether it fits your branding preferences and style. Lastly, you need to consider your budget. With a lot of different signs to choose from, deciding can be hard. Call us at 845-643-8000 for expert advice.

    What are the different uses for exterior signs for business?

    There are many uses for this kind of signage, including simply stating the business name. Additionally, they can also be used to display menu information, upcoming sales, new products, or general advertising, to name a few.

    How much does it cost to make an outdoor sign?

    The type, size, design, and materials of your sign will affect our price ranges. Also, for custom signs, due to the extra time and work needed to make them, customized outdoor signs are slightly more expensive. The advantages of having a custom sign, however, are that their distinction from rival brands helps your brand stand out and leaves a positive impression on anyone who sees them. A sign with a straightforward design is less expensive. To find out more about our pricing options, contact us at 845-643-8000.

    How much does an outdoor LED business sign cost?

    These signs can be seen even on the darkest nights thanks to a light source that shines through them or behind them. The price of your sign will depend on the complexity of the design, its size, and the materials that will be used. To learn more about our pricing options for LED signs, contact us at 845-643-8000.

    How do you waterproof an outdoor sign?

    Depending on the type of outdoor sign you have, it may be necessary to weatherproof it. All of these materials—acrylic, aluminum, HDU signs, etc.—are already weatherproof. To avoid rust and rot, wood and metal signs must be weatherproofed. Make sure your outdoor signs are waterproof and weather-resistant by sealing, using water-repellent preservers, and galvanizing metal.

    How do you keep outdoor signs from fading?

    The best way to safeguard outdoor signs and extend their lifespan is to use metal solutions with a reflective coating over materials like wood and plastic that deteriorate more quickly. The sign's durability is increased if it is placed in the shade as opposed to direct sunlight. To learn more about how our maintenance process for each sign, contact us at 845-643-8000.

    Is PVC good for outdoor signs?

    A PVC sign's durability gives you long-term value when you invest in one. PVC signs are scratch and dent-resistant. They work well outdoors because they can withstand a lot of moisture. Constant exposure to both natural and artificial light won't fade the plastic's color because it retains it well.

    How long can an outdoor sign last?

    Outdoor signs are made to withstand inclement weather. The kind of sign and the material used will have a significant impact on how long they will last. For instance, properly hung vinyl banners can last for three years or longer. PVC signs typically last 5 to 7 years, whereas aluminum signs last 7 to 10 years.

    What can I expect for a return on investment on a large exterior sign?

    Signage, especially exterior signs, advertises your presence in the neighborhood. These give your brand a name and increase consumer familiarity with your company. Outdoor signs are useful wayfinding aids as well. Even in a crowded area, they make it simpler for people to see your company and locate your location. Being easily located and being remembered by the community means an increase in foot traffic and increase in sales and revenue.

    Can you put outdoor signs on public property in New Jersey?

    Yes, definitely. But unlike indoor signs that don’t need a permit these outdoor signs may need a permit first before you can install them. For New Jersey City, we follow the New Jersey City Construction Code. These rules specify the permitted sign's size, location, projection over the sidewalk, and illumination. They also specify who can apply for a sign permit and who can put up or take down a sign. Permit fees are typically charged by sign companies. Contact our team to learn more about signage permits.



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