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    Your Signage Partner in NJ & NY

    If you’ve been looking for a “sign company near me”, we can help. Our team of sign makers will go above and beyond to offer the expert services you need.

    We offer indoor signs, outdoor signs, car wraps, and everything in between. We provide high-quality work for every job we take, offering custom signs in New Jersey, perfectly tailored for you and your establishment.

    If you’re looking for the best New Jersey sign service, call our team at (845) 643-8000 for a free consultation and request a quote today!


    Welcome to New Jersey Sign Company

    When we think of a marketing strategy, we immediately think of social media, a well-designed website, advertisements, and print materials. While we are correct in thinking this way, we are mistaken in ignoring other aspects of marketing that are just as important as the bigger players, such as print and digital marketing. Professional signage, for example.
    Our New Jersey sign shop is fully equipped to handle projects of any size or complexity efficiently. We understand the importance of impactful signage in boosting your business or event's visibility.

    Transform Your Business with Our Specialized Sign Services

    Creative Sign Solutions: From Design to Installation, We've Got You Covered


    A consultation with us is the first step in the signage process. We will inquire about your objectives, branding considerations, intended application, likes and dislikes, as well as your budget and time constraints. We make sure that your ideas are heard so that we can create the right sign for your business.


    To make sure that your signage project is going smoothly, our team will keep the communication lines open for all possible concerns and needs. If you want an illuminated sign, a representative will come to your location to assess sightlines, take measurements, and determine electrical sources. We will also make sure that your signs are following the local New Jersey ordinances and will help you secure permits if needed.


    If you are a new business in New Jersey or looking to refresh an old image, logo design may be part of the signage creation process. A complete signage design process combines your input with our graphic design talents. Our company will consider your budget as well as your fabrication capabilities to ensure that we are working on the same page design and production-wise.


    After the final design has been approved, we can begin the print production or fabrication of your design. When it comes to fabricating your ideal sign or sign system, we need to ensure that the design, space, and materials are used as efficiently as possible to meet your brand goals while staying within a timeline and budget. You don't want to cut corners, and even the most complex and intricate custom sign designs can be realized and scaled to meet your needs with the right expertise and equipment.


    After your sign is built, it must be installed, and hiring a licensed and insured sign installation team is critical. At 99signs we follow proper signage installation procedures of different localities to ensure that there will be no issues once your sign is installed. We can also guarantee that we can complete the job to local standards, stick to your installation process timeline, work safely, and troubleshoot any obstacles that may arise.


    Your signage is an important investment that is intended to last for many years. However, in order to achieve this, you must ensure that they are properly maintained. Maintaining and repairing your signs does more than just keep them looking good; it also ensures the safety of all your signs. There are a variety of issues that can cause your signage to endanger staff and customers, ranging from accidental damage to electrical issues. Remember that it is your legal responsibility as the owner of the sign to ensure that it is fit for purpose and is regularly maintained.

    Click on any of the images below to see more of what we can do for you!
    Custom Interior Signs

    Unlock the Power of Effective Signage Solutions with Our Product Selection

    Sign Design & Creation

    Our team of experienced designers and sign makers creates your desired signage using design principles and different software. We ensure that your signs have large, readable text, good color contrasts, and a balanced layout. Our graphic designers also provide mock-ups to help you visualize not only the new sign but also how it will look once installed. You can see on a computer monitor how different signage concepts will look at the roadside, on a storefront, or elsewhere, thanks to photo editing software.


    Custom Signs

    99signs is a premier New Jersey sign company and can provide customizable signs for your business, tailored to your vision and perfectly suited to your establishment.

    These heavily customizable signs are tailor-made for your business. With the right color and style, you can create a professional and fun atmosphere that guests and employees alike will love. And by implementing your brand identity into memorable signage and displays, we can inspire your customers to keep coming back.

    Customize Your Signage Today

    NJ Signs That Give Your Space a Fresh New Look

    If you're searching for a skilled local sign company to create and install business signs, 99signs is the perfect fit. Our New Jersey sign experts are committed to giving back to our community through high-quality services and craftsmanship.

    And because our team is so highly trained, you can put your trust in us through the entire process. From design to installation, our experts will ensure you have a stress-free experience. Contact us now to see why 99signs is one of the premier sign companies in NJ.

    Indoor Signs

    Indoor signs are wonderful for any business, big or small. Whether you're looking to install a stylish new menu board or large guidance signs, our expertise in creating signs for New Jersey businesses ensures we can create a perfect solution for your business.

    These signs are great for offering guidance and helping customers navigate, creating a bright and friendly atmosphere through displays and murals, and even promoting new products and services to your customers.

    Transform Indoor Spaces with Our Signs

    Outdoor Signs

    Outdoor signs are wonderful signs that can serve as an affordable and effective form of advertisement and that can be used to decorate your establishment. If you want to get your business noticed locally, then installing a new outdoor sign is a great solution.

    Outdoor signs are expertly crafted with high-quality materials to ensure they withstand the elements and the test of time. And with our team of experienced New Jersey sign installers, we can offer some of the best installation and maintenance in New Jersey. Because of this high-quality craftsmanship, our customers can enjoy their new sign for years to come.

    Capture Attention with Our Outdoor Signage Solutions
    Business Canopy Sign NJ

    Vehicle Wraps

    Vehicle wraps are a creative way to advertise your business, netting hundreds and even thousands of impressions every time you drive your vehicle. With a creative design, vehicle wraps are sure to create a buzz and affordably advertise your business all across town.

    When you trust our highly trained professionals at 99signs for your vehicle wrap needs, you're guaranteed to get a design you love expertly applied to your vehicle.

    From our team of experienced designers who are committed to producing eye-catching and detailed designs to our printing team who ensures quality in materials and production, we are all committed to offering high-quality services and proving ourselves to be one of the best sign stores in New Jersey.

    Rev Up Your Brand with Vehicle Wrap Advertising

    Things to Consider in Choosing a Sign Maker in NJ

    If you're looking for a good signage company in New Jersey City, then you'll want to do some research to find one that can meet your needs in a competitive market. Make sure that your sign company is reputable, has good customer service, offers full service from design to installation, assists in processing permits, and offers fair prices on sign products and services.

    Once you've narrowed down your options, you can begin comparing costs and determining who provides the best value for your company. 99signs is everything you need. We are a full-service provider of signs and graphics.

    Business Canopy Sign NJ

    Inspiration in Every Detail: Showcasing Our Stunning Signage Gallery

    Ready to Elevate Your Brand? Request a Free Quote from New Jersey's Signage Experts

    If you’re looking for custom banner printing or sign printing in New Jersey, you can put your trust in 99signs. If your business needs new signage or decals, contact us now and request a quote!

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    Unlock Answers to Common Signage FAQs

    What does a sign company do?

    A sign company helps improve the visual appeal of your brand. They create signs that attract customers to do business with you, resulting in your business increase in sales. The first step in business promotion and marketing is to attract your target market’s attention to your office or store. They can also provide maintenance and after-care assistance. This includes replacing signs, repairing damaged mounts and structures, and other services.

    What should I look for in a sign company?

    It is critical to look for a sign company that handles all aspects of sign production. This results in a one-stop shop where you can rely on the company to handle everything from design to fabrication to installation, maintenance, and repair. 99signs is a full-service provider of in-house printed signs and graphics with a seasoned team of graphic designers and project managers using the best equipment on the market today.

    What qualities should good signs have?

    Good signage guides us in an almost unconscious manner.

    Here are a few things to consider if a sign is a “good sign”: simple but unique design, big and readable letters, short and clear messages, few colors but with enough contrast, and a good location to install.

    How do you design signs?

    After meeting with our clients, we make sure to maintain constant communication with them throughout the entire design process. We also ensure that their design ideas are enhanced with the help of our professional consultants. 99signs gives customers confidence that their needs will be met on time, on spec, and on budget.

    How long does it take to make a sign?

    When it comes to sign-making, there is no exact turnaround time. It can last anywhere from a few days to several weeks. The time required to complete your sign is determined by a number of factors. This can include the type of sign, the design complexity, the availability of materials, and the number of signs required.

    How do you ensure quality with products?

    99signs strives to provide excellent products for our customers and one of our top priorities is quality. To ensure the quality of our products, we only use top-notch materials to make your signs. Our cutting-edge technology also ensures that your signs are done correctly. We always conduct quality checks to ensure that our signs not only meet but exceed your expectations.

    What material is used for signage?

    99signs works with a wide range of materials. These include wood, metal, acrylic, vinyl, and a variety of other materials. During your consultation with us, we'll take the time to understand your signage objectives, as well as their intended use and placement. This will allow us to determine the best materials to use when creating your signs, ensuring that they look great and function properly.

    What type of signs should I choose for my business?

    The type of sign you select depends on your brand’s preference. Knowing the various types of signs and their functions is a good place to start. You also need to decide how you want these signs to work for you. Do you need a sign for advertising purposes or to maybe help with business operations? Keeping this in mind will help you decide which sign options are best for you.

    How long will my signs last?

    When you work with 99signs, we will make every effort to provide you with effective signage that will last. Throughout the sign-making process, we will consider a variety of factors, such as location and placement, to ensure that your signs are effective in the long run. We also use high-quality materials to create first-rate signs and provide repair and maintenance services.

    Do you need a permit for a sign in New Jersey?

    This will actually depend on what type of sign you would choose for your business. For indoor signs, you don’t need to get a permit instead you must install signs that are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). For outdoor signs, the municipality or city requires the submission of engineered drawings for exterior signs, especially large ones. Permit fees are typically charged by sign companies. Contact our team to learn more about signage permits.

    client testimonials

    Celia Solomita
    Celia Solomita
    Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
    Greg and his Team are professional, accommodating, available and knowledgeable. They were a pleasure to work with- this is my second order from them, and I am truly satisfied.
    amanda kalchbrenner
    amanda kalchbrenner
    Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
    Our local business in Nyack had an amazing experience with Greg and his team at 99 signs. They made the process from the town approval, designing, to installation an easy process. They stayed in constant communication with us throughout the process. Highly recommend 99 signs! We thank you for such an amazing job!
    Hal Keshner
    Hal Keshner
    Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
    Greg is amazing - innovative, top quality service, attention to detail, and quick turnaround.
    Danielle Watson
    Danielle Watson
    Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
    99signs helped me out in a pinch, got my posters made in no time, and the price was right. I found a reliable, local company who I will absolutley use again.
    Jenifer Carter
    Jenifer Carter
    Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
    Greg did an awesome job preparing some slides on display boards for my presentation. The turn around time was quick and his price was out of this world reasonable and affordable
    Taryn Doyle
    Taryn Doyle
    Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
    99 Signs is wonderful to work with! Greg knew exactly what I wanted and my banner signs came out beautiful. The graphics and colors were clear and bright. Communication with Greg was excellent and his response time was quick. The order came in just a couple of days. I definitely recommend 99 Signs for all your needs…you won’t be disappointed!!
    Gikas Office
    Gikas Office
    Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
    99 signs DELIVERED. They took our office to a whole new level. Greg and Keith are awesome.
    Michael Paris
    Michael Paris
    Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
    The guidance provided by Greg at 99Signs is simply second to none. Great service, great pricing, and most importantly, he's always available for all mine and my client's needs. Highly recommend!
    Rise2run Group
    Rise2run Group
    Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
    The best service very friendly people. I got my posters and stickers while waiting there and price is perfect. So I recommend for everyone who need any signs.
    Tony Delia
    Tony Delia
    Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
    Greg is a total pro- he has done several jobs for me. Easy to work with, on time, and reasonably priced. 👍👍👍



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