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    What Is a
    Pylon Sign?

    A pylon sign is a type of outdoor signage standing freely or supported by one or two poles. Otherwise known as road or highway signs, they are easy to spot and usually have a two-faced display: front and back. Although they may be mounted on poles, the significant difference between a pylon sign and a pole sign is that the latter typically has its pole exposed, while the former may have its pole decorated or covered. Most pylon signs are made of aluminum, steel, or both, and thus can have a rigid or flexible face.

    Uses of Pylon Signs

    In a nutshell, pylon signs are instrumental to businesses, as they are:

    • Pylon signs help companies to create meaningful first impressions, while promoting products and services.
    • Once installed, pylon signs require low maintenance and can last for long periods.
    • It is easy to play around with different ideas thanks to the numerous types of pylon signage available.
    • They help businesses create a strong presence. When illuminated, they serve their purpose 24/7, thus creating effective marketing.

    The Cost of Pylon Signs and Installation in New Jersey

    The cost of pylon designs depends on various factors, including size, materials, type, and placement location. All these factors are also crucial in the installation process, which considerably affects the price as well.

    99signs has several different price ranges to fit every customer’s budget, and we offer the most professional installation services in New Jersey.

    Pylon Signage New Jersey
    Pylon Sign Design & Installation New Jersey

    Pylon Sign Manufacturing in New Jersey

    Look no further if you are searching for an affordable, quality pylon sign manufacturing service near you. 99signs will be sure to earn your trust thanks to our experienced team. We help our clients create the best concepts with a wide range of graphics solutions. Reach out to us now to learn more about our services in New Jersey.


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