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    Transform Your Trade Show Booth into a Memorable Brand Experience

    99signs is a New Jersey-based sign company that offers high-level projects like making multiple signs for clients, often redecorating an entire office, storefront, or building. Our aim as a sign company is to fulfill your goals.

    Our core business is providing trade show displays for events across the country. We are currently looking to expand into other areas of sign production, including billboards and signage.


    What Are Trade Show Displays?

    A trade show display is used at trade shows and conventions to attract attention to the booths’ products and services. They can range from table-tops or booths with displays on them, which are usually placed on the floor in the middle of the room. Or, they can be large wall displays that hang from the ceiling or across one side of the room. 99signs is equipped with professionals who want to make sure that their clients get the best possible results from their signs.

    There are several different types of trade show displays depending on how they are made and what they contain. Some contain product samples, while others may simply have contact information such as a website or phone number. At 99signs, we are aiming to become the best trade show display company in New Jersey.

    Our services include:

    • Custom signs
    • Trade show displays
    • Banner stands
    • Portable trade show displays
    • Table-top trade show displays
    • Banners
    • Pop-up trade show displays

    We are a team of professionals who love what we do. We have the skills to make your dreams come true. For our clients, we offer a wide range of services from basic signage to complex redecorating projects.

    At 99signs, we take pride in our work and believe that everyone deserves the best. That is why we are so passionate about our craft, and that is why you will never find us second-guessing ourselves or losing sight of our goals.

    Our team members are trained in all aspects of sign making, and each member has extensive experience with all types of signs. We know how to handle any project from start to finish, from concept through installation. And if something doesn’t go as planned, well, that’s just another reason why we love what we do. Our clients’ satisfaction is our number one priority.

    Why Trade Show Displays Work

    Custom trade fair displays are extremely beneficial to businesses. A trade show presence enables businesses to identify themselves in their sector, engage with prospects, and form stronger ties with other businesses. If you want to reap the benefits of trade show booth displays, you must first understand why they are so vital.

    So, read on to discover the reasons why displays are so vital for businesses at events!


    One of the most significant benefits of exhibiting at a trade show is the opportunity to meet and engage with prospective consumers in person. High-quality displays are the way to do it. Capture their attention with bright and informative signage and displays that demand people to take notice. Then, close the deal!


    It's not just about new customers, your loyal customers matter too. When you're at a trade show, the signage you use will allow you to continue building a relationship with your current customers. These displays will allow your customers to find you and continue working with you, and quite possibly even place an order with you!


    Trade show displays allow you to develop your brand and show off in a tasteful way. Ultimately, the goal is to catch the eye of new clients, and even maybe make your competitors take notice of you. They are a great way to get your marketing and sales approach across, while also highlighting your products, services, and any special offers.


    It pays to keep your clients close but keeping your competition close is also a good move. Exhibiting at a trade show gives you the opportunity to examine what your rivals are doing well, so you can apply their strategies to your own business.

    Businesses should always keep an eye on their competition, and trade exhibitions are one of the finest places to engage with them. So, get to learn about them by engaging with them through dynamic displays that catch even their attention!

    Remember, the best way to get your point across to new or current clients or the competition is by using designs that fit the tone and voice of your brand. Use colorful text, graphics, or any mission statements that you believe will get people to come to your display.

    Your Trade Show Display Company In New Jersey

    A smart pop-up display and tabletop display are required to present your company's offerings while also capturing the attention of showgoers. Without an eye-catching exhibit, you'll miss out on numerous networking chances, such as generating leads and growing your brand. 

    With styles and ideas continuously changing and growing, keeping up with trade show trends is critical. We take pleasure in our work at 99signs and feel that everyone deserves the finest. That is why we are so enthusiastic about our work, and why you will never find us second-guessing ourselves or losing sight of our objectives.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why are trade show displays important?

    A smart trade show display is required to present your company's offerings while also capturing the attention of showgoers; possible consumers and clients. Without an eye-catching exhibit, you'll miss out on numerous networking chances at a trade fair, such as generating leads and growing your brand.

    What types of trade show displays are available?

    At 99signs, we take pride in our work and believe that everyone deserves the best. We offer banner stands, portable trade show displays, tabletop trade show displays, banners, and pop-up trade show displays. Contact us today and speak with our team members to find out which of these displays is for your business.

    How do I choose the right trade show display?

    If your company wants to grow and attract new customers, you might consider presenting at a trade show or exhibition. Here are some suggestions for selecting the best show display:

    • Describe Your Goals
    • Be Sector-Specific
    • Do Your Research
    • Check out the competition
    • Make a huge impression
    Can trade show displays be customized?

    Yes, they can be customized. 99signs provides a wide range of services ranging from simple signs to sophisticated remodeling projects. We aim to become the best trade show display company in New Jersey. Call (845) 400-9326 to book a free consultation with us today!

    Are trade show booths easy to set up?

    When planning for a trade show, having a distinct design that catches your attention and connects with your requirements is critical. Putting together a pre-designed booth will take 60 days to complete while beginning from scratch would take 90 days.

    Can trade show banners be reused?

    Yes, they can be reused. You don't have to be worried about the future of your trade show exhibit because it can be utilized again with minimum environmental effect.

    Are there any regulations or guidelines for trade show displays?

    Depending on the show you’ll be joining; regulations may differ from one to the other. One thing to keep in mind is that several rules must be observed before, during, and after each event. We can help you with any of your trade show concerns, contact us today.

    How much does a trade show display typically cost?

    While more expensive, a well-designed custom trade show booth allows a firm to optimize its effect and create a huge impression. Get in touch with our team of experts for a free quotation.

    Can I get assistance with the design and setup of my trade show display?

    Definitely! We at 99signs offer not just quality products but also good customer service. Our team will assist you every step of the way from conceptualization up to installation.

    How do you organize a trade show booth?

    Here at 99signs, we ensure that our clients’ displays relate to their business goals and brand. Aside from setting an ample amount of budget, choosing the best show for your display is essential. Contact us today to learn more about how we work on our booths!



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