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February 1, 2023

Making customers return to their shop or store has always been the aim for business owners. But how can you succeed when there’s so much opposition? One way to guarantee that your business stays on top is to update your overall appearance. The signs you select reveal a lot about your personality and work. With more customers supporting your company, these signs can strengthen your brand identity, improve employee morale, and boost your bottom line.

With so many options, selecting the best commercial sign for your company can have an impact on your customer's overall shopping experience. At 99signs, we'll work with you to choose the perfect sign for your company.

Continue reading as we've provided a few ways on how commercial signs can create a huge impact for your business.

· Use Contrasting Colors:

Using various colors can grab viewers' attention. The best color to use to draw attention is red. This color is commonly used in marketing and advertising because it represents authority. Blue is a symbol of reliability and competence. To emphasize your brand, use lighter color combinations with blue. Another cozy and welcoming hue is green. When you don’t know what color you would use for your sign, we recommend you refer to color psychology.

· Utilize Big Fonts:

Using larger font sizes can help you catch customers' attention. Think about the elderly and those who have vision problems. Another important aspect of the text is its clarity. The maximum impact will result from using distinct and consistent fonts.

· Use the Right Sign for the Right Function:

Signage serves primarily as an advertising and marketing tool. Since customers see the outside signs before entering the store, it needs to be eye-catching and compelling. The sign needs to draw customers in from the street, pique their interest, and tempt them inside. Just before you open the door and welcome customers, your building sign needs to give them the impression that they have found the perfect fit.

· Keep It Clear and Simple:

Think about those who are viewing the signs from a distance. To ensure that your message is clear, keep them brief and uncomplicated. Avoid using unnecessary slang and flowery language. Maintain a single, powerful message. Less is better.

· Stick To Your Brand:

Try your best to include your brand in your building sign design. Make sure that it’s part of your store's overall aesthetic. To draw customers in, capture their interest, and pique their curiosity about your products, you must make sure that the merchandise is presented tastefully and accurately on display behind the glass windows and on the storefront signs. Display a variety of your products so that customers are aware of the range of things you have to offer.

· Don’t Go Overboard:

Sometimes we can get carried away trying to make our signage stand out from the other stores. Keep it as simple as you can in your design to avoid going overboard. Your objective is to draw attention to small detail.

· Know Your Clients:

Despite the fact that you can create a fantastic sign without doing any research, it would be more advantageous to understand what your customers want. Since you ultimately want to know who your actual customers are, know your target market and avoid simply posting a design.

Your Trusted Commercial Sign Makers in New Jersey

The 99signs team is prepared to create unique commercial building signs for your business. We try to create building signs in New Jersey that can withstand the harsh winters and scorching summers because we’re aware of the special requirements of New Jersey business owners. Call us right away to find out why we're the only building sign company you'll ever need for your business.



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