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    Everything You Need to Know About Bathroom Signs

    Do you need new bathroom signs for your New Jersey office premises? Are you planning a renovation for your restroom area? The right restroom signs can make a huge difference. Not only do they communicate the intended message, but they also make a restroom more appealing and noticeable. Here are some important things you need to know about bathroom signs.


    What Is a Bathroom Sign?

    A bathroom sign is a symbol placed on a restroom door to communicate a message. Bathroom signs can be as basic as those pictograms with a stick-figure man and woman, such as you often see with public restrooms. These signs usually distinguish restrooms based on gender. Conversely, bathroom signs can also be fancy. These are custom bathroom signs made to fit the needs or feel of an event, business, hotel, organization, or home.

    Bathroom or Restroom Sign

    Types of Bathroom Signs

    We can classify bathroom signs based on different factors, including gender, customization, or material. Based on gender, for example, we have unisex or men-only bathroom signs, while based on material, we provide vinyl, PVC, and aluminum signs. All of these types of signs fall into two broad categories:

    • Interior restroom signs
    • Exterior restroom signs

    The Difference Between Interior and Exterior Signs

    Interior signs are enclosed within a restroom building. They help visitors or employees identify different restrooms based on gender, age, employment status, or disability. Indoor restroom signs point towards exits and highlight bathroom safety concerns such as leaking taps, blocked toilets, or clogged sinks.

    Exterior signs mainly draw attention to a specific restroom. These are popular at big events or outside popular stores where visitors need direction.

    Both interior and exterior restroom signs are customizable to blend in with an organization’s brand color, culture, or language.

    Uses of Bathroom Signs

    An effective restroom sign serves many different purposes, including:

    • Giving directions to visitors on where to find the restrooms.
    • Distinguishing different restrooms, such as, for example, all-gender bathroom signs, kids and adults, or staff and non-staff signs.
    • Decorating the bathroom space by adding a touch of color and style.
    • Highlighting safety concerns within the restroom, such as, for instance, fire exits.
    • Communicating any activity going on within the restrooms, like cleaning and maintenance.
    • Ensuring government compliance, such as ADA restroom signs. These signs are made of non-glare finishes like mate or eggshells, as required by the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA).

    99signs is a sign company that designs restroom signs that align with all of these uses. Do you need unisex bathroom signs for public spaces? How about an ADA-compliant sign for an event? We’ve got you covered for whatever your goals are.

    Our branding and design team aligns the signage pieces with your brand elements in mind and without skimping on functionality. You can guide us during the process, and let us get every step right in order to deliver the perfect result.

    Bathroom Wall Signage

    The Cost of Bathroom Signs

    It’s difficult to calculate a set cost because restroom signs are not a one-size-fits-all affair. They’re made out of various materials, including wood, plastic, and metal. Customization also provides space to use different colors, images, graffiti, or other designs, all of which determine the final quote.



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