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    What Are Directional/Wayfinding Signs?

    At 99signs, we make custom directional signs, wayfinding signs, directional arrow signs, and more in New Jersey City. We specialize in exterior custom wayfinding signs and interior directional signs, but we also offer event directional signs and restroom directional sign options. We have a wide range of options available to ensure that your signage is exactly what you need.


    What Is a Directional Sign?

    Directional (or wayfinding) signage is a type of signage that gives visitors the information they need to get where they’re going. Wayfinding signs are signboards that provide directions to help users reach their destinations.

    These signs are also called directional arrow signs, or directional arrows for short. Directional signs are typically used in airports, hospitals, and other public places where navigating can be confusing. These directional signs can be found on maps, street signs, and on buildings. They are also used to direct you to different destinations such as restaurants, hotels, and other businesses.

    Types of Directional Signs

    Directional signs are important for guiding your customers or visitors to the right place. Wayfinding signage is most effective when it is clearly visible. Floor-level signs are usually placed near elevators or stairwells. Wall-mounted signs are often located near entrances or exits. Ceiling-mounted signs hang from the ceiling so that everyone can see them from below.

    At 99signs, we can create any custom directional sign, including:

    Custom Directional Signage



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