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    Power Up Your Productivity: Explore Our High-Tech Digital Signage Solutions

    Did you know that you can use electronic signs both outdoors and indoors? Modern display technologies present clearer, more colorful, vivid images, and animated digital signage are gradually replacing traditional static signs in New Jersey. In fact, they are more versatile advertising media than traditional signs.


    What Is an Electronic Sign?

    Electronic signs are illuminant advertising media; they use technologies like LED, projection, LCD, and e-paper to display digital video, images, weather data, web pages, restaurant menus, or text.
    Custom Electronic Sign New Jersey

    Types of Electronic Signs

    Electronic signs are highly programmable, making them versatile for displaying dynamic texts, animations, and videos for advertising, thus conveying information, entertainment, or products and services to your target audience in New Jersey. The various types of electronic signs include:

    Portable Electronic
    Message Boards

    These portable signs combine energy efficiency with high-quality designs; they are reliable and cost-effective, and you can mount them on a post, pole, hitch, or trailer.


    These outdoor electronic signs attract passersby, and are highly effective in advertising your brand. Neon signs light up by long luminous gas discharge tubes containing neon that produces different custom colors.

    Price Tags

    These programmable LED displays are the tiniest retail sign type. They have replaced the traditional price tags in hypermarkets, with the ability of mass price updates and easy visibility. Unlike paper tags, they are not prone to peeling, falling off, or degrading.


    These digital displays are increasingly popular retail signs and can be the size of a notebook or a laptop. They are ideal for hyper-targeted messages such as retail prices at the gas stations. As well, these electronic signs can be used for businesses to highlight sales, sponsored partnerships, and promotions.


    Digital posters and billboards are fast becoming very popular in New Jersey, and are suitable indoors and outdoors. When used as indoor electronic signs, you can effectively target the products at any time of the day by rotating new ads occasionally. These digital signs are vibrant, stand out more than a printed poster, and are perfect for running your ad campaign.

    Public Transport Electronic Sign New Jersey

    The Future is Here: Transform Your Message with Electronic Displays!

    You can find electronic signage in public spaces, transport stations, stadiums, museums, hotels, retail stores, corporate buildings, and restaurants. Electronic signs in NJ are helpful in wayfinding, exhibitions, outdoor advertising, and marketing.

    These custom electronic signs also display essential company information such as upcoming quick sales, product promotions, or new products and services in New Jersey.

    The Cost of Electronic Signs

    Electronic signs cost $10 to $100 per square foot, exclusive of installation and additional services such as electrical wiring. The cost also depends on the type of digital signage. As well, customization adds to the cost of installing signage.

    High-end electronic signs can range from $150 to $300 per square foot, while the software plans for running them cost between $7/month to $40/month.



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