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    Increase Foot Traffic with High-Impact Custom Building Signs in NJ

    Outdoor signs make it easy for customers to see where your business is located. When you’re trying to decide what types of signs you need to put up for your business, you need to think about the company’s image. Having high-quality exterior building signs projects an image of professionalism to current and potential customers.


    What Are Building Signs?

    Building signs are outdoor signs that help customers to find your location. Sometimes, they’re used to relay information on the exterior of a business. These are often placed directly on the building, but they can also be erected near the roadway. Commercial building signs are an effective way to advertise the business.

    Building signs are not only limited to signs that promote businesses. There are also business signs that warn staff, civilians, and possible intruders, promote the safety of the site, and remind which areas to avoid. These signs are called construction site signs.

    The cost of signs for buildings can vary greatly, so it’s best to think about a budget before you consult with a building sign maker in New Jersey. Basic building signs are usually budget-friendly, but lighted building signs are often more expensive.

    For some businesses, the cost of the custom-built signs is included in their advertising budget. The upkeep costs of lighted building signs might be included in the maintenance budget for the company.

    Types of Building Signs

    Your imagination is the only thing that limits the make of stunning signs. You have to think about the space that’s available for the signs. You can find signs for buildings that are all in one piece, but you can also put together custom sign letters to form the company’s name.

    Commercial building signs are available in a variety of colors and materials. Heavy-duty metal signs are a favorite option in New Jersey because they’re durable and can withstand the elements.

    Outdoor signs are usually vibrant, and normally match the company’s colors. You can even include your company’s logo on the sign to make it easier for customers to recognize your business.

    Company recognition isn’t the only type of building sign that a business might need. Other building signs that you may require include those that identify entrances and parking spaces for disabled persons. They can also label shipping bays, service entrances, and delivery points for the building.

    Construction Sites Signs are displayed to communicate a clear message about health and safety. Failure to comprehend the meaning of a health and safety sign on the job site could cost you your life, your coworker’s life - or your job. These signs are not put up for decoration, and the colors were not chosen because they are attractive. Each sign has a distinct meaning, and each color represents a distinct message. Knowing what construction health and safety signs mean is important because they may be warning you of a danger or instructing you on what to do.

    Types of construction site signs:

    • Warning Signs - A warning sign, such as "Danger," alerts you to potential dangers. A yellow triangle with a black border is required. On a yellow panel, any text or images must also be black.
    • Mandatory Signs - The blue and white signs on the site are mandatory. They display actions you must obey to keep yourself safe such as "Hard Hats must be worn". The required sign is a blue circle with white images or text.
    • Prohibition Signs - A prohibition sign, such as "No Entry," indicates actions that must be avoided. The prohibition sign's color must include a red circle with a red line across it. All images must have a black background and a white background. Any text must be white on a red panel.
    • Safe Condition Signs - The safe condition sign must be a rectangle with information about emergency actions such as "Fire Exit" on it. The symbol must be green and contain white text or images.
    • Fire Equipment Signs - The fire equipment sign indicates the location and specifications of fire equipment. A fire sign is a red rectangle with white text or images on it.

    Real Estate Signs are temporary signs that are installed on a lot or attached to a building to advertise the availability of real estate for sale, lease, or rent.

    Long-lasting Building Signs for Enduring Brand Visibility in New Jersey

    Some business owners are concerned with having to spend money on an exterior sign that will be exposed to the elements. The truth is that custom-crafted signs might cost a bit more upfront, but they’re made to last.

    The team at 99signs understands what outdoor building signs in New Jersey need to withstand the elements. Using only the finest materials, we custom build signs that won’t fade in direct sunlight or buckle under the snow.

    Very little maintenance is necessary for these high-quality signs. Of course, if your company has a lighted building sign, you will have to change the bulbs when they burn out. Some companies have the outdoor signs cleaned when they wash the exterior of the building, but you shouldn’t have to do anything else.

    What Makes Your Signage Modern?

    Selecting a customized building sign is easier said than done. Many companies fail with this aspect of branding and make mistakes that reduce their conversion rate.

    A new-age sign will be required if you want to generate foot traffic and appeal to the masses. A good sign must serve several functions:

    • It must be a location marker, one that new and existing clients can see from a distance, recognize, and remember when they visit your office or shop.
    • In terms of color and design, it should reflect and reinforce your brand.
    • It must set the tone for your company's operations; and
    • It must provide useful and important information in a clear and understandable manner.

    Unlocking the Secrets of Building Signs: Comprehensive FAQs Answered

    What signs do I need for my building site?

    If you are located close to or on a construction site, make sure you have the following signs installed: safety signs, wayfinding signs, lighted building signs, and other signs that promote safety.

    What are the builder site sign requirements in New Jersey?

    According to the Building Code Sect. 27-1009 (c), a sign with the name, address, and phone number of the property owner and the general contractor is required. For more assistance regarding building sign permits, contact us today.

    Is sign placement important on a building?

    Definitely! The installation of these signs will aid in the prevention of injuries and accidents. This will also ensure that all staff, workers, and visitors are aware of any hazards on the property.

    What are building signs made of?

    There are several material options to choose from that are highly corrosion-resistant, durable, and versatile. Contact us today to learn more about the kind of material that is best for your sign.

    What color should I use in my building sign?

    Your color choices will depend on what your sign type is. Since there are a lot of color options available, having to use the color wheel for reference will be of great help. Just make sure that your color choices will match your brand’s identity. Having trouble deciding which color to choose? Contact us today for a free consultation.

    What size should building signs be?

    As a general rule, add an inch of height for every ten feet your audience is away from your sign. For example, if people are 30 feet away, the letters should be at least three inches high in order for them to be seen.

    Can I customize a building sign?

    Yes, absolutely. The installation of a custom-made building sign will keep both civilians and workers safe. These signs are available in wood, vinyl, or aluminum. Contact us today to find out which material is best for your signage.

    Do I need a sign permit in NJ?

    This is determined by the type of sign you select for your business. Indoor signs do not require a permit, but you must install signs that comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). For exterior signs, especially large ones, the municipality or city requires the submission of engineered drawings. Sign companies typically charge permit fees. To learn more about signage permits, please contact our team.



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