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December 20, 2023

Are you ready to explore new heights with signage? It’s possible with help from custom hanging signs for businesses. These signs have a double-sided design and elevated installation to maximize their visibility. Whether you want to make an impactful brand statement or communicate crucial information, hanging signage ensures your message will be seen.

If you’re eager to discover the versatile applications of these signs, this guide will highlight their numerous features. 

Types of Custom Hanging Signs
Whether you need to craft a professional business image or want to provide critical wayfinding information, hanging signs can help. With the guidance of a sign maker, these signs can be customized for any purpose or industry. Explore the wide variety of these signs and their applications below:

  • Real Estate Hanging Signs: Hanging real estate signs encourage potential buyers to act quickly on an available property. These signs are also powerful branding tools that help agents build their professional image.
  • Hanging Business Signs: In businesses, these signs instantly elevate branding and attract customers to your location. Explore hanging storefront signs to add a timeless look to your establishment.
  • Hanging Outdoor Signs: The unique design of these signs allows them to hang over sidewalks to capture the attention of pedestrian traffic. Explore the durable materials for these signs, including metal, wood, and acrylic.
  • Indoor Hanging Signs for Business: From hanging directional signs to hanging office signs, these signs can improve organization and communication while enhancing the look of interiors.
  • Vinyl Hanging Signs: Advertise special promotions using hanging banners to create eye-catching storefront displays. These signs can be reused for seasonal events and customized with your message.
  • “Order Here” Hanging Sign: Explore the benefits of hanging signage in specific industries, including restaurants and cafes. These signs are practical tools to guide customers and employees to enable efficient service.
  • Outdoor Hanging Signs for Homes: Upgrade your home’s style with an elegant sign to greet guests. Use these products to display your address or a welcoming message. 
  • Hanging Door Signs: Do you need a practical way to display your business contact information or operating hours? Custom hanging door signs are the answer. These signs are easy to install and communicate vital information to customers.

Benefits of Custom Hanging Signs

The versatility and customization of hanging signs mean they offer numerous advantages. To harness the full potential of these signs, partner with a professional signage company to unlock all their benefits, including:

  • Increased Visibility: The primary advantage of custom hanging signs for businesses is their heightened visibility. Since these signs are suspended from a ceiling or installed high above a sidewalk, they are easy to spot from far distances. Whether you’re using these signs to spread awareness about your company or provide crucial wayfinding information, these signs are impossible to miss.
  • Noticeable Branding: Every sign plays a vital role in business branding, but a hanging sign’s design is classic, evoking a sense of timelessness for boutiques and local restaurants. If this style aligns with your brand, custom outdoor hanging signs are ideal.  
  • Direct Foot Traffic: Looking for ways to increase foot traffic to your business? With hanging street signs, you can effectively use these tools to drive foot traffic into your establishment. These signs capture the attention of passersby from multiple directions, leading to increased business opportunities.

Designing Custom Hanging Signs for Business

The process of designing custom hanging signs can vary based on the sign’s purpose and the materials being used. That’s why partnering with a professional sign maker is crucial. Sign specialists can advise you on what is best for your specific project; however, there are a few general guidelines you can keep in mind, including:

  • Legibility: Hanging signs for business must be legible to be effective. When designing these signs, it is crucial to consider if they are viewable from your desired distance. Choose a clear, sans-serif font to clearly convey your message.
  • Focused Design: A visible, focused design is essential since hanging signs are viewed from a distance or lower perspective. Often, minor details included in outdoor hanging business signs can easily get lost. A simple logo or snapshot of information is best for these signs.
  • Installation Location: Unlike wall or storefront signs, hanging signs are suspended in the air, inviting the potential of blending into their surroundings if the proper considerations aren’t made. Assess the installation location to determine the best colors that stand out. If you need extra visibility, explore lighted custom hanging signs for business.  

Hiring a Sign Hanging Company

The complex design and installation of hanging signs means working with a professional, full-service sign company is essential. Experts can advise you on the most effective sign design and type. Similarly, the installation of outdoor hanging signs for business requires a permit and must be done securely, given the height of these signs and their location above sidewalks or roads. Professional assistance ensures safety and security for anyone walking near this type of signage, as well as a long-lasting marketing technique.

Maintenance and Care

Hanging signs are durable, long-term signage solutions for both indoor and outdoor settings. In most cases, a professional sign maker should assist with maintenance and care because of their elevated installation. If they are within reach, clean them with a soft cloth, water, and mild soap to keep these signs looking fresh and new.


From custom hanging real estate signs to outdoor hanging business signs, there’s no limit to what these signs can achieve.

If you’re looking for “hanging business signs near me,” give the experts at 99Signs a call. Our crew of experienced and professional sign makers can help you achieve your personal and business goals through the unique capabilities of these signs. We provide innovative design, quality fabrication, and expert installation for all our products.

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