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March 31, 2023

In the city that never sleeps, it is important for businesses to have eye-catching, high-quality custom signs to attract customer attention. By customizing your business’s signs, you ensure your brand is bright, compelling, and recognizable to your target audience.

99signs is a leading sign company that provides a wide range of signage solutions to our customers. We are known for providing you with an exceptional customer journey from brainstorming the design to the installation of your signage. We work hard to make creating the right signs for your business simple.

Types of Custom Signs

Before you can decide what type of signage will suit your business, let's better understand what is available for you to choose from. As almost all signs are customizable, the following list is not comprehensive:

Custom Banners:

A custom flag and banners or section of material with your logo, branding, and any additional text on it.

Electronic Signs:

Utilizing LED or LCD lights, these signs are illuminated, which is perfect for businesses that remain open at night.

Metal signs:

Signs that are made from aluminum, which makes them extremely resistant to all the kinds of weather New Jersey sees.

Mission Statement Signs:

These signs live up to their name, as they are a way for a company to display their objectives, missions, and values for employees and customers to see.

What are the Benefits of Custom Signs for Your Business?

The influence of signage is understated, as they are so common in today’s marketplace. Signs are everywhere, at all times. Consumers are constantly confronted by signage, which makes having the right sign for your business so much more important. Here are some of the benefits that come with it:

· Inspire creativity: Your imagination is the limit for customized signs. Think of the perfect sign that encompasses your business’s branding and what you want to communicate to customers, and 99signs will help make it a reality.

· Increase in sales: When signs are attractive to onlookers, it is more likely they will make it through your front doors, boosting your sales.

· Increase in brand awareness: First impressions are important. If customers like your signs, they will remember the brand, which increases the chances they will make a purchase.

· Help customers find you: If your location is difficult to find, do the hard work for your customers by displaying a custom sign that leads them to you.

Your Preferred Sign Company in NewJersey

If you're choosing to advertise your business with one-of-a-kind, branded signs, let us help you. Our designers and engineers have years of experience creating custom signs that embody business owners' visions. We will collaborate together, and turn your ideas into innovative, eye-catching designs in our state-of-the-art facility.

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