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    Eliminate the hassle and skip the long queues for getting permits to install your signs with 99signs. Leave the paperwork and headache of getting permits for your outdoor signs to a team with over 20 years of experience.

    New Jersey's complex laws and government procedures can seem daunting. Our team guides you through the web of bureaucracy to the signs of your dreams from start to finish.

    Receive expert advice and assistance on signage applications, permits, lighting by-laws, ADA compliance, and more. Stuck without a permit? Talk to us about your sign and find out how we help businesses like yours.

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    What Type of Signages Require Sign Permits in NY?

    Sign permits are required to put up large signs that could block people's views or cause problems with city planning. Signs that could pose a danger to the public, such as those overhanging sidewalks, also need a permit before installation. Finally, signs that significantly alter a business's exterior may also require permission from the city.

    In New Jersey, there are various types of signs that require permits and certain restrictions on other signs that you may want to put up on your property.

    Some popular sign types that need permits are:

    Worried about the effort and expense involved in getting a permit? Don't worry, we help businesses like yours routinely get permits from the city.

    Getting a Permit Can Be Easy 

    Hours of standing in line, being told you do not have the right paperwork, and being tripped up by New Jersey's maze of laws are enough to damper anyone’s day. Do not let that happen to you. Leave it to us, instead.

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    Discuss your sign and premises with an experienced team.

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    Our team prepares blueprints, takes photos, completes paperwork, and applies for the permit.

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    Receive your permit effortlessly and watch that sign go up proudly.

    Don't risk a fine: talk to us to find out if you need a permit before you can put up a sign at your business. Filing for these permits can be difficult, but we can assist you by coordinating with the building department to ensure you have the necessary permits to display your sign.


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