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    Restaurant Signs New Jersey

    To make a lasting impression on potential customers, restaurants require a diverse range of signage. Fortunately, 99 Signs is here to provide an all-inclusive signage package for your business. We can fashion custom restaurant signage to suit your needs, encompassing everything from exterior signage to menu boards and point-of-sale displays.

    If you're seeking a signage company to partner with, it's essential to consider several factors such as:

    • Expertise
    • Designing and manufacturing technology
    • Excellent customer service

    99 Signs checks all these boxes! Contact us today to get started on your signage.


    Types of Restaurant Signs and Graphics to Consider

    There are several types of restaurant signs and graphics to consider when designing a sign for your restaurant. Here are some popular options:

    Menu Boards

    Menu boards are an essential part of any restaurant's signage. These boards can be made of chalkboard, whiteboard, or digital displays and can be customized to display your restaurant's menu items and prices.

    They list the available food and drink items, prices, and other pertinent information at a restaurant. They are typically placed behind the counter, at the restaurant's entrance, or on the walls.

    Outdoor Signs

    These are a great way to attract customers to your restaurant and create a strong visual presence in your community. They are a type of sign or advertisement placed outside a building or in public areas to communicate information, promote a business or event, or provide directional guidance.

    They are often made from durable materials such as metal, wood, or plastic and can be illuminated or non-illuminated.

    Floor Graphics

    Graphics are an innovative and eye-catching way to promote your restaurant and communicate with your customers. These graphics are applied to the floor of a building, typically using adhesive vinyl material.

    It’s a great way to display any information or decor that you don’t want to use over the walls or windows. If you’re looking to save space on wayfinding signage, displaying directional arrows or steps on the floor is a great way to direct traffic in a restaurant.

    Window Graphics

    Graphics can also be displayed on the window of a businesses to promote your restaurant and attract the customers who are walking by. This signage can be made from vinyl, adhesive film, or perforated vinyl.

    By using these to display text, images of your food, or a combination of both, you’ll definitely have people turning their heads and walking inside for a impulse snack!

    Digital Signs & Banners

    These are electronic displays used in marketing and advertising. They can come in various forms, including LED screens, LCD monitors, projectors, and more.

    Restaurants can use digital signs and banners to promote menu items, special offers, or upcoming events. They offer several benefits over traditional signage, including flexibility, interactive features, eye-catching visuals, and cost-effectiveness.



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