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    What Are Blade Signs?

    Blade signs are types of outdoor signage typically protruding from the side of a building or storefront, and they are normally perpendicular to the wall. They are usually long and narrow, with a blade-like shape, which is where their name comes from.

    They are often used to provide directional information, advertise a business or product, or enhance the visual appeal of a storefront or building. Blade signs can be particularly effective in areas with heavy foot traffic, where they can catch the attention of passersby and help draw customers into a business.


    Types Of Blade Signs

    Your blade sign can be as conventional or as inventive as you like. Customize the size, shape, lettering, and visuals to fit your brand and message.

    Swing signs and pub-style hanging signs are the most economical blade signage. If you want a more classic look, these are unlit double-sided signs with graphics and text applied to metal, acrylic, or wood. No matter what you want, during our consultation, we’ll be sure to take your needs into account so we can help you create the perfect sign.

    Lighted Blade Signs

    A lighted blade sign is an outdoor sign that features a rectangular or square box-shaped structure, often made of metal or acrylic, with a blade-like projection extending outwards from a building or storefront.

    The sign is usually illuminated with neon, LED lights, or other lighting sources, which makes it stand out during the day and night.

    Hanging Blade Signs

    These signs are suspended from a bracket or arm attached to the building or storefront.

    Businesses can have them hanging at an angle or vertically, depending on how you’d like people to view your company. They are common in historic districts or along more traditional storefronts.

    Storefront Custom Blade Signs

    99 Signs knows that this signage is one of the best ways to enhance the visibility and branding of a business storefront. By designing a unique and eye-catching blade sign, a business can help differentiate itself from competitors and attract more customers.

    Material Options

    The choice of materials will depend on the sign's design, the budget, and the sign's location. Some materials may be better according to specific environments or weather conditions, so it's essential to work with a trusted sign maker who can recommend the best materials for the job.


    Wood is a classic material for blade signs and can give businesses a traditional or rustic look. However, they may require more maintenance and can be susceptible to weather damage.


    This features a panel of glass as the face of the sign. The glass can be clear or frosted, and can be etched or engraved with the business name, logo, or other graphics.

    They are often backlit with LED lights to make them more visible at night. That’s one of the best ways to take advantage of 24/7 advertising opportunity.


    A metal blade sign is a type of outdoor signage that features a panel made of metal, typically aluminum or steel, as the face of the sign.

    They are durable and can be powder-coated or painted in any color, making them a popular choice for businesses looking for a traditional or industrial look.


    These are among the most versatile of materials, as they can be molded into any shape. They are ideal for unique shops that really want to set themselves apart from the competition.

    They are lightweight, simple to produce, and can be made with a variety of colors, making it easy to stick to your brand tone and messaging. They're also great to use outside as they can withstand harsh weather conditions.



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